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360 Top Dead Center


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Dec 16, 2015
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Tiverton RI
I'm getting ready to drop in the distributor and line it up. Does it matter if #1 is TDC at compression or exhaust to align the distributor? This is something that I haven't done in about 25 years. I just don't remember.
Ok thanks. So now I have to look for the exhaust valve opening. At least the balancer mark is correct to the timing cover marks.
Easiest way is to remove the plug and stick a finger in the hole or roll up a shop towel if you're by yourself.
Roll the engine until you feel it make pressure or the towel pops out.
Then find -10 degrees before and drop it in aiming the rotor at the #1 plug wire post.
Here is from the Service Manual. You should have one.
Have you verified actual TDC on your balancer ?
Here is the procedure:( one of them anyway)

One way for sure to find out - buy a piston stop tool, install it in #1 spark plug hole.
Big socket on crank bolt, spin the engine SLOWLY until #1 piston hits the stop on the compression stroke.
Mark the balancer (the dots on the one in the pic below).
Spin the engine the opposite way, then when the piston hits the piston stop tool again.
Mark the balancer again.
TRUE TDC is exactly halfway between your "dots".
In the example below, it was, fortunately. Balancer timing mark verified!


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