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400 B stock valve springs


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Jun 25, 2019
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Hello all, I need help. I've searched for this but I cant really find a definite answer. I'm rebuilding the top end and using a set of 346 heads to go on a 77 400 to replace a rusted (seized) 361. I'm planning on installing new valves and I want to install new stock valve springs or equil to stock. I'm using the stock 2bbl intake from the 361. I'm not looking for performance. This is a stock running engine that burned #6 exh valve. Also if anyone might know, will the torque converter from the 77 727 work in a 64 push button 727?
Valve springs shouldn't be hard to source. The input spline on the 727 increased in diameter and spline count in 1967 so, no, the 77 converter is out. Unless you change to later model front pump and reaction shaft along with input shaft.
I can pu;ll the springs off two of my low mileage 346 heads and sell them
Ride should be cheap
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