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FOR SALE 451 indy motor

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Aug 9, 2011
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Melrose Florida
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Hey Guy's, Time to sell the motor, Here what I have
1971 440 RB block, 12 1/2 to 1 Wiseco flat top pistons,.990 pin hole, Callie (hemi crank 4340 material, mains 2.750, rod journals 2.375,) 8 bolt flange, main caps (aluminum w/arp studs), Eagle rods 3-d h-beams(6.760 w .990 pin holes), Indy 440-1 cnc 345, Indy intake 6.750 tall, Indy valley cover, Indy valve covers.
Manley Valves Int. 2.250 w/ 11/32 stems, exh. 1.810 w/11/32 stems,
Manley Valve Springs- w/10 degree keepers, titanium retainers, double springs.
Jessel roller rockers 1:55 ratio
Jessel solid roller lifters
Milodon gear drive w/adjustable bolt pattern cam gear
Milodon 7qt. oil pan w/single external oiling system
Milodon external pump w/swing pic-up
Comp-Cam 690 lift 323 duration @50 w/ 108 center line
Motor has been blue printed, balanced, line-bored, deck for squareness, deck plate for straightness.

Asking $11,000.00 have much more in it. I do have a Barry Grant carb that needs work 1230 cfm It will go with the sale, All assembled. Motor will make over 800 hp, Any questions pm me thanks for viewing. View attachment 101472View attachment 101473
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I'm a believer. He's got the crank in it to stand it and the heads to make it happen. This is a really good deal. Here's you a BUMP dude. Good luck!
12.5:1 compression and a lot of cubes.. It should make close to that if not more with the right fuel
Hey fellows, thanks for the feel back, and no dyno sheets, haven't started it up. it took me a some time to get the combo that I wanted, but
time to sell ...I thought I uploaded a picture it shows on the bottom of the thread but didn't print . thanks again guys hopefully it will sell soon.

Man, that sounds wicekd nasty. I wish I had 11,000 to buy it!
a lot of good parts there for the price, good luck with the sale!
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