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4bbl carb kickdown question.


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Sep 23, 2020
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Upgraded from stock 2 barrel on my 361 to a 4 barrel Edelbrock. The kickdown geometry is slightly off now. Either the shift lever does not fully return to start position at idle, or it doesn't open fully at WOT. I can't adjust the kickdown to get full range of motion on the shift lever. Doesn't feel like it's shifting properly now, obviously. Do I have to get a replacement kickdown for proper shifting?
Kick down bracket I think. Someone on here mentioned that the two barrel has a slightly different bracket than the four barrel.
Now that I'm looking into it... An aftermarket throttle and kickdown cable is probably the best way to go lol. Anyone have a step by step resource, video type hopefully, on how to install Lokar or something similar?
Well with a 361 I'm assuming a early 66 Charger? I assume your 2bbl kick down linkage is a 3 piece set up? Should have one rod from the carb to the pivot on the back of the intake, then another rod from that pivot down to the transmission bell housing area, then one more rod from that point to the kick down lever.

If it is a 3 piece set-up you should be able to get a kick down set-up from any 383/4bbl from 66-69

Should look something like this...


so the only piece that would most likely work in your current set up is the lower pivot and rod to the kick down lever...the other pieces will be shapped differently and be of different length to work with the 4bbl linkage and intake bracket.
That is correct. Unless I can get those pieces used then I'll prob just get a cheap Lokar kit. No point in the extra expense for a stock look, in my case. Thanks for the help guys.
That happens everytime you go from a 2 bbl to a 4 bbl.
The linkage is too short. The primary throttle blades sit farther forward on top of the engine compared to a 2 bbl throttle blade.
I'm not sure what the kickdown linkage looks like on a 361, but Edelbrock makes an extension (8004) for the top kickdown rod just for this purpose.


And that's assumuing you're using the (1481) Mopar adapter on the edelbrock carb.


Post a pic of your setup, a picture is worth a thousand words. Your throttle cable mount should be too short also, there are several solutions for that problem.


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