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518 trans pan


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Jan 25, 2013
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Stopped by the local pull-a-part the other day and picked up a trans pan off of a 518 to put on my 727 for my Coronet. The original 727 pan is 1.25" deep and the 518 is 2.5" deep. On the way home I stopped at Summit and picked up a weld in drain plug kit for the pan.
Oil pan $13
Drain kit $12

$25 for new deep oil pan for my 727

Before brazing it in the pan I took a carbide burr and cut a slot in one spot so more of the oil will drain out of the pan.




I like it! How are you extending the filter for the extra depth?
I like it! How are you extending the filter for the extra depth?
I'll just use a piece of aluminum and make a spacer that will match up with the filter.
Yep, did you grab the filter extension and screws?
The filter extension was some kind of plastic that looked pretty cheap and had a crack at one of the holes, so I just grabbed the screws and will make my own extension.
A&A Transmissions has a selection of different length extensions. Measure the depth of your stock pan, and subtract this number from the depth of the 518 pan. This is length of the extension needed.
The $29 dollar pan I listed is a deep 518 pan with a drain plug. They are very nice. I couldn't believe the price as I had been buying them for $50 elsewhere. Just fab or puchase an extension and you are good to go. You won't be disapointed.