FOR SALE 608 cid Mopar All aluminum Hemi Racing engine with tsi race transmission

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  1. dangina

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    Aug 17, 2010
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    608 cid Mopar All aluminum Hemi Racing engine with tsi race transmission

    $36,000us including shipping in canada and the lower 48.

    *selling as a complete package*

    over 60K invested!

    looking to sell quickly

    * Keith Black Aluminum Hemi Water Block
    * Indy Ledgend Hemi Cylendar heads
    * Indy Hemi Intake manifold
    * Mopar aluminum valve cover
    * Indy rocker shafts and rockers
    * BRC non twisted custom forged steel crankshaft
    * Childs & Alberts Custom aluminum connecting rods
    * Wiseco Custom forged aluminum pistons
    * Akerly & Childs Moly piston rings
    * Custom fabricated aluminum valve covers
    * Comp Cams custom grind camshaft
    * Comp CMA solid roller lifters
    * Milodon gear drive
    * Milodon external pick-up oiling system
    *Over 1000hp

    * TSI " FAIL SAFE " Race transmission
    * TH - 400 w/pro mod Sprag for racers who want a 3 speed rated to 1700 HP max @ 2000 HP
    * Trans Brake valve body
    * 5 clutch pack
    * Cast deep aluminum pan
    * Rollerized output shaft
    * Hardened steel alloy main shaft
    * Vasco input shaft
    * Billet forward hub
    * High pressure pump
    * Bushed center support
    * 2.48 Low gear assembly
    * auto clutches and steels
    * High pressure, high volume pump assembly
    * SFI approved Hemi bell housing

    comes with motor plate and tranny mid plate

    transmission brace also included - it is was made for a 71-74 bbody...

    only dyno time on the motor, transmission is brand new, both were mounted in a car, but never got to finishing the project.

    pm me!

    can get more pics available upon request

    will take etransfer or certified cheque or cheque if you wait till the money goes through
  2. Bigal75

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    Aug 18, 2011
    Ottawa Ontario Canada
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    10:53 PM
    Would you sell the the tranny?
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