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62 318 Poly to Big Block Swap


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Mar 3, 2018
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Will the stock 22", auto, no a/c, poly radiator work well?

Will the stock torsion bars work well?

I have a stock '71 383 and a 4 speed with an aluminum intake and bellhousing, and headers.

62 big block radiators, and many others, are all 22" according to what I can locate. Not sure on the number of rows.

And the poly is no light weight.
My gut instinct is that both you radiator & torsion bars will be fine.
Worked fine for my 64. I'd like the rad to be a bit wider but the support would have to be modified. Poly torsion bars are ok although my top end is now all aluminum.
I think the correct big block radiator has the top hose connection located to the passenger side as opposed to near the middle. The lower hose connection for the big block is farther toward the drivers side because of the oil filter location. I've used the 318 22" radiator with no problems. Using a short oil filter helps with lower hose clearance.
Anyone that had power steering, were different brackets needed?
Power steering in my 64. But, motor is 69. Get the brackets for the year engine you have in it.
I think they'll be fine. The torsion bars may be a bit soft in corners if you're doing that sort of thing. The radiator should work. I used a similar one in our 440 combo. I did need a shroud, and the fan-to-radiator dimension is really tight. A buddy had a custom one made for a project he no longer needed. I modified it to work on my Mopar and it really made a big difference in the summer months. Good luck.
vert shroud installed.JPG
Vert shroud 1.JPG
vert shroud 3.JPG
3 more questions:

A friend used a 318 poly radiator in a big block swap, and he said the lower radiator inlet is smaller than the big block water pump outlet, and had to have a bigger inlet installed to accept the proper size hose.

Is this correct?

The Hurst shifter package available is pricey, $585+, and Brewers states the handle may have to be modified, bent below the boot.

Brewers lists a complete shifter package that fits 66-70 and 62-5 with A833.
They also have a rod package set that fits 1964-69.

I have a chance to buy what appears to be the correct 4078 handle with shifter, but no rods.

Is there a certain number I s/b looking for stamped into the shifter?

Has anyone pieced this setup together with the 64-69 rod package?