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'62 Dart - OEM Steering Wheel?

Ron H

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Feb 29, 2016
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A fellow member had posted this photo of a '62 Dart wagon pertaining to another topic. When I saw the rectangular steering wheel was surprised as I wasn't aware of this wheel being a stock item on the '62 Darts? Ma Mopar had these unique wheels for a few years; but didn't think they were on this car, at least never saw one. Curious as I obtained a wheel near identical to this one I believe from a '64 Chrysler in nice shape I'm going to restore to maybe install in my '63 Plymouth if it fits decent. Thanks!

had one similar on 61 fury
The ’61 wheel was something – the Jetson’s like. Had done some checking on the history of these wheels a while back, which models had them. Found no info about this one in a ’62 Dart. Some were disappointed when Mopar dropped them. People liked the flat bottom wheel getting in and out of the car. They sure are a unique piece of Mopar history; likely a love-hate thing. Collected a couple of these wheels, selling a few and the one here I have in remarkably nice condition I guess is from a ’64 Chrysler.

Chrysler Steering Wheel 1 .jpg
I believe the 63 Chrysler steering wheel was round and the 64 was the more rectangular style shown. I haven't seen any rectangular wheels on a B body.

Correct 62 Dart 330 steering wheel.
62 Dart cop/fleet cars had the 57 Plymouth steering wheel.
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Correct 62 Dart 330 steering wheel.
OK - Im very curious about this... I had a 62' 330 that had the "rectangular type" centre part of the wheel; and now I have a 62' 440mdl that has the same round centre piece as per this pic! I'm wondering if customers were given a choice at the time of ordering their car (lol - probably not!), or were steering wheels just randomly fitted, with no regard to the model they were being attched?!?!...
Steering wheel instruments.jpg
(I've attached a pic of my 440mdl dash)
Hmm, what would be with the '57 wheel in the '62?
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