WTB 64 Dodge Polara Convertible Rear Seats

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Jan 7, 2014
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Central Maryland
Still looking for decent rear seat frames for my 1964 Dodge Polara convertible as my original frames [especially the bottom seat] are too rotted out to save.

Not exactly sure what/if other early Dodge B Bodies might have the same rear seat, but my research thus far indicates that the seat frames I need were unique to the 64 Dodge Polara convertible. If anyone has pics of a 62 or 63 Dodge Polara convertible back seat I'd appreciate seeing them since that could help expand my search a bit if either of those years will work.

The attached pics are from a friends 64 Polara convertible. The black, bottom seat photo is upside down, so the front of the seat is on the left side. Notice how narrow and tall the 'U' is where the seat sits over the driveshaft tunnel? This is the style seat frame I need....

And the 2nd photo is of the rear seat back showing the placement of the vertical supports. My original back piece might still be usable but I understand if you have a decent pair of seats and want to sell them together.


IMG_2451.jpeg IMG_2450.jpeg IMG_2454.jpeg
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