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64 Fury Torq Thrust Wheel / Tire Size question


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Jul 7, 2022
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New Hope, Minnesota
I'm researching wheel sizes for my 64 Fury - Ill be buying Torq thrust wheels - I'm still on the fence as to 15" OR 16" and I don't know what to order as far as offset's for the front and rear..... any advice / experience you have would be helpful.
- Rims, Offsets & tire sizes, etc.
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I would go 15” but that’s simply because I don’t like anything larger. Stick with straight spoke torq thrusts. The D series with curved spokes are corvette wheels and look strange on our early b bodies. For a regular cruiser I’d go 15x7 in the back and 15x6 in the front. If you want big meats in the back, the nice thing about the early b bodies is that they can take a tone of tire and rim in the stock wheel house. Some guys on here have fit 15x10 in the back. Personally in my 64 I have 15x4 upfront and 15x7 in the rear. Offset for the rear is 3.75” . All just my opinion so don’t take too seriously.
Ran 15's and 70 series tires on my Blue 65 Belvedere. 225 70 15 front and 255 70 15 rear. 15x7 wheels 4 '' back space..
On the grey 63 I have 215 75 15 front on 4'' wheels and 275 60 15 on 15x7 with 4 1/4'' back space.


Do wagons and/or more doors have the same wheel wells?
I've heard wagons have less space.
Can't say, possible wagons. the 63 and 65 posted above are the same on mine.
Now all are different because of manufacturing tolerance differences.
What rubs on one may not rub on another.
My '64 Savoy wagon had 255/70s on 15x7 steelies, plenty of room. The '63 Savoy wagon I built got as much as I could stuff in there: 285/70s on 15x8 steelies (4.5 BS); I narrowed the rearend a bit, but it was still tight, could just get my fingers around the tire sidewall.
I have 275/60/15 with an 8 1/2 inch rim 4 1/2 inch back space. No rubbing.
As for 16 inch wheels, don't do it. there's almost nothing available tire wise.
17, or 18 inch rims will give the most choices.
There’s a reason the 15” cragar and t thrust has been the go to choice for what? 60 years? It’s a combination that’s perfect on any classic car
I would go 15s or 17s. I would avoid 16s, they are going the way of the dodo.
Edit: wow, just noticed Furyus treed me by a week!
I would go 17 or 18 on that bad boy
Late to the party.
I got Wheel Vintique repo 15x7 4"bs cop wheels with 225R70x15 (Diplomat cop size) on my 1964 Sport Fury no problem.
I had the sidewall touch the fender flange with 275R60x15 on 8" Ramcharger wheels, 4.25"bs.
I bought WV 15x8 cop wheels with the 4.5"bs and have Yokohama 245R60x15 with plenty of room.
For S&Gs I mounted a 17x7 charger wheel with an Ohtsu 225R55x17 they fit but look strange.
I started doing this when the 15x8" Ralley wheels came out and everyone said they wouldn't fit.
I bought two, unscrewed the torsion bars and moved the control arms thru full jounce & rebound to check clearance.
When fitting fronts remember a line drawn thru upper and lower ball joints should intersect the C/L of the tire tread for best handling.