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64 Plymouth Belvedere build

More Progress Transmission mount/Placement

Got the Hemi mock up block in and the TH 400 transmission set in. Not too much floor modifications needed to fit the TH 400 in. Got the transmission mount made. Waiting on the 9" Strange rear end and brakes. Should show up next week or so. Then waiting on the KB block and Stage 5 heads for final mock up and get going on the SS headers for the car. IMG_0623.jpgIMG_0627.jpgIMG_0629.jpgIMG_0630.jpg
awesome build. Keep up the great work and keep the pics coming
Just joined the Mopar forum. It was very interesting to see your frame connectors. What size tubing did you use and how did you come up with that particular concept. I have a 64 fury with a 70 440 and an 871 blower. It is a new build and has never really been opened up (actually afraid of torsional damage in doing so), so have been thinking of doing the same modification. I noticed you continuously welded the pieces to the body. Is this a recommended procedure? I was thinking that welding at the ends only with a couple of cross tubes tieing the new pieces together would be very effective. Thanks for sharing. Your reply will be greatly appreciated
More progress on the 64

Got the front down bars made up and the 9"rear end in for fitting/set up in the car

IMG_0637.jpgIMG_0638.jpgIMG_0639.jpgphoto 2 (4).jpgphoto 3 (1).jpg
It looks absolutely fabulous. The cage is just over the top. I would love to have my cage in my 64 to look like that.
Great job!!!!
Getting the rear end installed

Here are some pictures of the 9" rear end and rear end suspension set up.IMG_0642.jpgIMG_0658.jpgIMG_0657.jpgIMG_0656.jpgIMG_0655 (1).jpgIMG_0653.jpgIMG_0649.jpgIMG_0644.jpgIMG_0643.jpgIMG_0660.jpg
High end workmanship and design to say the least. Greatly appreciated and thank you for sharing.
Just got the Stage V heads for mock up fitting. Good thing we checked shock tower and firewall needs some "minor" modifications. Pictures to come later.
some beautiful work, there!:happy1: Sonny likes checking this thread....
some issues

Looks like a little trimming work is in order

Fantastic work mate. I will fly you to Australia, give you a room, feed you and give you a workshop with a 1963 Plymouth to work your magic on :) Great working holiday. Deal ?

:) :) :)
Lets talk, might be easier and cheaper to ship the car here :headbang:
Nice work. I like how you put the rear halo bar under the package tray. I see so many above the tray, even with rear seat deletes, but it looks so much cleaner and gives much better visibility underneath.
great build, looks like a lot of fun. Keep up the good work
aluminum door hinges/brake peddle

Just got the aluminum door hinges machined and assembled they weigh 1/3 of the stock steel ones. Mounted the aluminum brake peddle also weighs 1/3 of the stock steel oneIMG_0715 (1).jpgIMG_0716 (1).jpg
Love it, keep the posts coming RVW you are giving me the motivation I need to start my 63 maxi rebuild.