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64 Plymouth Belvedere build

RVW I'm right down the road from you in Shelby Twp. I hope to see the car around when it's done it looks incredible! :VB toast:
Parachute mount

Here is the parachute mount set up IMG_0739.jpgIMG_0741.jpgIMG_0742.jpgIMG_0740.jpg

- - - Updated - - -

More rear suspension stuff coming along


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Thanks everyone for the complements my son is doing the fab work on the car. I think he is a pretty good fabricator also. Now if we can only get the KB aluminum Hemi block and start on the engine. We have had the block on order since last October. Hope it is going to run as good as the chassis is turning out.
ride height

More progress got the rear suspension done and welded up and the final ride height setIMG_0753.jpgIMG_0754.jpgIMG_0755.jpgIMG_0757.jpgIMG_0756.jpgIMG_0758.jpg

- - - Updated - - -

Here are a couple of pictures of the dash. The top of the dash is being welded in and finished off the dash is being horizontally cut where the SS trim piece goes so we can remove it if necessaryIMG_0750.jpgIMG_0752.jpg
Thanks some amazing fab work. Yeah, the fab school would fill with FBBO members asap.
When do you and your son want that working holiday in Australia ? free food, beer and bed dont forget :)
Finnishing up the front bars, front shock mounts and making room for the Hemi.IMG_0761.jpgIMG_0762.jpgIMG_0763.jpgIMG_0764 (1).jpgIMG_0765.jpgIMG_0767.jpgIMG_0768.jpg
just got it "on the ground " for the first time today pictures to soon come

- - - Updated - - -

Got her on the ground and rollingIMG_0792.jpgIMG_0794.jpgIMG_0795.jpgIMG_0796.jpgIMG_0797.jpgIMG_0800.jpg
I have a 64 Belle as well. Looks great! Are you putting the dash pad back in? Is it in good shape? Most important is it for sale?
Bad boys, bad boys...... What you gonna do when they come you....

probably show them your parachute..
Excellent progress! Gonna be a nice ride!
No dash pad just going to paint it. Car is going to be black exterior with red interior.

- - - Updated - - -

I will ask the owner if he is interested in selling. His other car is for sale runs low 10's has fresh 500 inch max wedge very nice car. photo 2 (1).jpg
Car is coming along great. Awesome fab work.
What size are the rear wheels and tires?