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65 Satellite console??


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Aug 22, 2015
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Hello All!!
Can anybody post a pic of their 4 speed console please? My Sat is in the paint shop decided to go with MED Blue Poly, I have an automatic
Console with car but the car was a 4 speed,any one ever use an automatic
Console and do some type of a conversion??? Also I have a SPARE ROOF!!!
If any one needs it PM me I'll treat you right but you'll have to pay SHIPPING!! Good shape all 4 pillars there!!!
Thanks in Advance!!
Don't believe you can make a manual console out of an auto or vise versa, shifter hole is in wrong place. Any 64-65 manual console (B or C) should work but are rare & pricey. You could skip the console & just go with a floor shifter, I'd just keep the automatic.
temp 04.jpg
The console base is the same, whether a 4 speed or auto. The difference is the top plate and also the side plate, what the carpet will cover (pushed out on a 4 speed, flat-ish on an auto).
Ok ThankYou Hemi, Also Signet you as well for taking time out to post your picture!!
No problem.