FOR SALE 66-67 Belvedere Satellite instrument cluster

Interior Parts

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    Jan 10, 2014
    youngsville, NC
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    852C4369-B570-4525-81B5-9553B41993D1.jpeg 7720E1BC-694C-4774-AAE7-1629CA171ED9.jpeg 63DDDD4F-3C62-4075-AFE5-F1D759F0AE40.jpeg 0A6CB898-E3E8-4C85-B5B4-826544DAB8FB.jpeg 25094E05-CB55-4241-9618-E48FFB626AE7.jpeg Includes the bezel. The bezel has no cracks or chips. The cluster includes the headlight & wiper switches but I doubt they work as they have been exposed to the elements. $100 plus shipping from Youngsville, NC
Thread Status:
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