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66 Satellite interior curtesy lights operation.


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Jan 28, 2012
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Still putting my Satellite back together after wiring harness replacement which through mission creep led to a bunch of other while-I-have-it-apart work including hauling some parts to the chrome shop where they remain and is stalling reassembly of some areas. I remember before I started that the rear roof pillar curtesy lights were not coming on when the doors were opened - only the console lights. So I pulled out the bulbs to check and traced out the wiring to where it plugs into the dash harness and all is good with that.

That leads me to think that maybe the console lights only work on the door switches and the roof pillar lights are probably operated by the light switch only. The wiring diagram is a bit hard to trace out on this circuit but it was sort of leading me to this conclusion. Can someone with a 66 Satellite confirm this?
My C pillar lights come on when I open the door. Not sure about console lights. Have new harness coming for them.
All come on at door opening and turning the headlight switch fully to left.
I think they should come on. My convertible rear courtesy lights come on when opening the door.
Same here.

Both C piller and console lights come on with door open.

Ill be brutally honest...I've never ckd operation using the light switch with door closed.
Need to try that tonite maybe.
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Well, I guess when I can put the instrument panel in I need to try it again. I have continuity through the rear light harness but I’m not completely sure I have it connected to the correct lead at the drivers door hinge pillar - but not seeing another possibility unless it should instead run to the console and plug into the console harness somewhere. I’ll have to do some more wiring diagram mapping.

Just ckd mine

Console lights and C pillar lights all light up when switch roll all the way to the left
After tracing through the wiring diagrams some more I finally concluded both sets of lights run through the door switches and the light switch. I'm suspecting my rear pillar light harness may not have been plugged into the dash harness. I taped and labeled every connection/plug as I removed the harness and I noted the dash plug that the rear harness must plug to was the only one not labeled. I think at the time I thought it was some accessory plug that wasn't used. So I'm thinking they will work when I get it fired back up.

Thanks for checking.