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66 vs. 67 Coronet Quarters

Matthew J

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Nov 18, 2022
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Howell, MI
What are the differences between 66 and 67 Coronet quarters? Is it just the two indentations? If that's all, is it possible to cut that area out of otherwise rusty 67s and weld them into a pair of solid 66 donors? Anybody ever try it, or is that just insane / destined to look like crap? Trying to think outside the box a little to fix my rusty 67 R/T convertible without breaking the bank.

It you can keep it cool and be patient with 1000 tax’s it will look fine. Also if you can use lead to fill any imperfections with such a long quarter bondo will expand and contract and could be seen
Those aren’t full 1/4s so they would actually have a longer seam to weld and finish than welding in the vent area to a full 66 1/4
They are 8+ feet length and as full as I can see......... not sure where you are coming from?

unless you are including the top lip to the window as being full and bottom lip towards the front.

No one makes this panel or over the rear well other than Joe.... who is making a similar panel for me now.,.

Yes I have seen ones that are mass produced...... that is why I choose Joe's product.

18 gauge
rear fender.jpg
New leftside qt panel.jpg
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I am on not using any filler because i will use copper backed welds.... and a heat sync like "Cool Blue" made by Muggyweld to eliminate the heat problems.... been there done that...

but its not easy as it sounds....
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