FOR SALE 67' 318 Drive Train Good Rebuild-able Nothing Broken

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    Nov 14, 2011
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    Engine and trans is for sale previously owned by lady school teacher from Carlton Mi. I bought it off her son who said the car sat garaged for ten years when I bought it. Has 66K but the clock but must not have been maintained as it has oil starvation on start up, noisy lifter till warmed up, rough idle maybe a valve issue. The transmission don't engage for a couple of seconds when cold otherwise warmed up it shifts great. Oil was not burnt and clean. Radiator air cleaner and transmission linkages etc comes with it. I drove it to shows and on the highway so it's a good buy if your putting a car back to original. I'm putting in a big block reason for replacing it. I'm in Toledo Ohio. $500.00 and I'm firm on that price.

    Thanks Auggie

    DSCF4576.JPG DSCF4580.JPG
    DSCF4583.JPG DSCF4587.JPG DSCF4588.JPG
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    Apr 13, 2014
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    Best of luck with this. I pulled a running 318/904 A/C motor, complete from fan to transmission from my 69 Sport Satellite before swapping in a big block and I cannot even give it away...hoping it goes better for you. I had mine on the local CL for $300 and the only call I got was someone who thought I had previously worked on their car and damaged it. Wasn't me!
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