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67 Fury questions....4 speed?


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Feb 29, 2020
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Heart of Dixie.....
My car buds ask me today if I would interested in a 67 Fury two door with factory four speed. No motor or trans, looks all complete for salvage yard price. My thoughts were it was prolly a three speed on the column, 318 car, as they said the pedals and all were there. But, I know little about C bodies, but did they make any four speed C bodies back then? Would the vin or fender tag tell for sure...thanks.
Yeah, they made them. A local couple had a '67 Fury convertible with 383, 4-speed.
Rare, but they did make with 4 speeds. They also used the same condole as the 64-65 b bodies but it was actually a bit longer.
I once came a across a 66 Fury 4 door with a factory 4 speed. How rare is that? Bench seat, Inland shifter, and a carpeted hump in the floor.
This was on a used car lot in the 1970s.
I've seen one.


Fast top.

881 blue (B5)

In fact, a FBBO member came to FL and bought it from the salvage yard it was in.
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I have a 68 monaco 500 440hp 18spline /D53 rear. The plymouths were slightly more common than the Dodges.
There's a few different 4 spd threads over on FCBO.
Years ago when I had my 67 sport fury at a car show I came across another 67 sport fury with a factory 440 4 speed. The only time I’ve seen one.
So now you guys really got me curious, if the rear end is factory and its a Dana, a 440 four speed for sure, so, an 8 3/4 would be 383, and 318 would prolly have a 7 1/4....is that right?
If the car is in salvageable condition then I'm sure someone over on FCBO will buy it, if it's rough then the pedal assembly, Z-bar, frame bracket and floor tunnel are worth good coin!
It is a Dana 53

I remember it having a small pinion similar to the 741 8.75
Dana 53 is a truck rear end