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67 Hemi GTX heater hose location


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Dec 24, 2021
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Walnut Creek CA
So I have been preparing my 67 GTX for paint. I am on the last step where I filled the 100 holes in the engine bay for this.

I actually filled all the holes on the passenger side as none of the ones that could be right looked right. There was about 30 or so. I was able to locate the washer bottle holes but on the hemi GTX I understand there is one hole for the heater hose bracket.

I am hoping someone can measure off theirs where this is supposed to be.

I know it's not easy my car was a race car in the 80s so it had a lot of holes all over the place.

A ref picture is attached. I need the heater hose hole location

Thank you in advance

1967-plymouth-belvedere-gtx (22).jpeg
I’m hoping the perspective is off a little in that drawing Fran as mine looks more like Jerry’s, although it’s a 66 and he asking about a 67. Can’t swear with certainty mine is right. Jerry’s car is also a 67 so going to let him quote his measurement.

I would it would work either way. Think the flow is suppose to push coolant up from bottom of heater core and out the top.
All 67's have an indentation where that bracket would go.

Here is the black Hemi GTX

Yes the drawing looks like the washer reservoir holds the bracket, error. My car never had the bracket, has the dimple but no hole.
Awesome thanks so much for all the info. My inner fender looks like Swiss cheese so there is a few holes in that area but this will help me make sure I get the right one.
Should be a dimple where it would have been drilled.

But Ive seen more than one 66-67 that was never drilled though

Both my 66s are
Should be a dimple where it would have been drilled.

But Ive seen more than one 66-67 that was never drilled though

Both my 66s are
Only the Hemi cars were drilled, and not all of those.
My '66 ('65 SPD) is not drilled, dimple is there. Stilll original paint on the inner fender, as well as washer hose clips.
1966plymouthsathp2 122.jpg
I asked previous owner on mine and he says it was drilled when he got it in the late 90s.

April 5th 1966 SBD

I think I got it in the right spot.

Thanks again for all the help. Off to sandblasting soon.