SOLD 68/69 b body steering wheel pad - extremely nice

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    1968/69 Steering Wheel Pad B Body - Extremely nice. Original vinyl has zero fade. No rust. The horn ring is very nice, no rust and has a brilliant shine. Dodge Coronet/ Super Bee / Road Runner / Charger/ many other 69 B bodies. The price is $165 with free shipping to continental U.S. only.
    I am a very reputable seller on here. When I have an item for sale. I check in every couple of hours. The first person to say they want it and I receive PayPal payment, It’s yours. If you have questions please ask in private as I do not want to clutter up the add with jibberish. Thank you

    5AAE0710-88B7-45CC-8EF1-7541F56D0DD3.jpeg A7998197-7C5A-459E-97B1-95D17AA905A6.jpeg EE45E6ED-0249-4C2A-8AC2-492484B35AA4.jpeg 1BF6A3D9-D50F-4C8C-86D5-4702991C258B.jpeg
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