FOR SALE 68-70 B body clutch pedal assembly (refurbished)


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Feb 28, 2022
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Fitzgerald, Ga
Correct for 68-69 due to no extra hole in clutch pedal for safety mechanism.
Parts were bead blasted, primed with self etching primer only up to where the paint stops, with 2 coats of satin black with the overspray to mimic factory appearance.
All the bare metal were coated with RPM to prevent rusting quickly.
New repro pads, new overcenter spring, new overcenter spring pin, and new bushings/needle bearings installed and greased with high temp grease. Only thing I didn't have was the wire harness clip which should be easy enough to find.
I left it disassembled so that I could individually saran wrap each piece so that it will fit in a smaller box to possibly cut down the shipping cost or I can assemble it completely if buyer chooses and it'll be a bigger box.
Can also provide a picture of my assembly completely assembled to help in assembly.
Also comes with the dash support rods and bracket that many big names don't include with their refurbished ones.
$675 + shipping from 31750
PayPal F&F or money order. Money order preferred or two PayPal transactions under $600 each to prevent being flagged.
Thanks FBBO

Picture of my assembly in case buyer wants to leave it disassembled for smaller box.
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