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68-70 Charger Rocker won’t align


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7:48 AM
Oct 12, 2020
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Houston, Texas
This is the outer and inner right/passenger rocker for 68-70 charger from AMD. I also have the other side and both cowl side panel support where the door mounts. Which also fit’s iffy. Anyways are these lining up right or is there some work to be done? Ps. anyone know the name of the two supports that goes in each outer rocker and where I can find it on AMD or something?



A few C clamps and a length of wood, 2x4 or maybe a 1x3. Of course it won't line up. Metal stretches when it's stamped into a form such as a rocker panel. Fitting up is the hardest part of metal repair, and the most time consuming.

Do a search on some of the restoration threads on here. Read, research. This has been covered a bunch. Basically, you will have to make it the right shape and fit.
Looks like some extra spring-back on the outer stamping to me. Nothing a little oomph and some clamps can't fix.
I've got an AMD inner/outer rocker pair in my basement. Just checked and they fit up about the same out of the box.
In my experience I had to mock the outer rocker up on my car then slide in the inner in and it lined up good.
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