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69/70 charger fenders


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2:47 PM
Jun 16, 2020
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Ft. Myers. Fl
I have a 70 charger with rusted fenders. Since nobody seems to be making repos on a 70. Would it work to make a 69/70 Franken fender? Are 69 and 70 close enough to where I can cut the nose and lower valance area off the 70 and graft it on to a 69 repop fender? Or are there differences in the top portion of the fender that would keep this from working?
I think it would be easier to fix that fender . Than try to make a frankenfender. Just my opinion.
Agreed.....definitely fix that fender unless a good/cheap one falls in your lap
only way I'd fix that pos is if it was the last fender on the planet
I guess the question is, are there differences in the top part of the 69 fender that would change the appearance on a 70 charger? With the lack of options, I’m going to have to fix what I have one way or the other. Just not sure if I can use a 69 fender as the platform or do I have to stick with my rusty pos and patch the hell out of it.
I would think @chargervert can answer this.......... the front section can probably be had from a 70 coronet fender
Hate to say it, but I'd be fixing that fender. Frankenfender is likely never going to work out right. I'd consider a whole 69 front end first.
The dimensions are the same. The differences are forward of the wheel opening....marker light hole, valance mount and where the bumper meets the fender. Piecing them together is certainly possible.
Metal working guys piece cars together when a replacement part isn't available. Patch panels for lower quarters were what people used before quarter skins or full quarters were available. Go for it.
That is repairable and I would cut out and patch for sure. For what people want for just a fender these days I have bought whole Chargers for less.