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69 Coronet Restoration


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2:34 AM
Sep 25, 2014
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St. Albert
I am the second one into this Super Bee, the main steel/body work is done and primed, interior in great condition (split bench w/headrests) car is complete with just a few parts missing....ext door handles/mirrors, armrests and rear deck panel, still in some box somewhere. Came with a 69 383 Magnum out of an interceptor, was running when pulled, and a 69 440 high Nickle block and crank, no matching numbers. I was told the 383 top end will sit on the 440 block but not seeing why that would be a good idea. Trying to decide if I should rebuild the 383 or scratch build the 440 which means buying pistons/cam/heads/intake/chain and sprockets...any suggestions? Also building a rotisserie to redo the primer and undercoat, do I need to remove the windows, they are all in great condition, to use the rotisserie? Lots of questions running through the old noggin, first restore and I want it to be top of the line!
welcome! let's see your project. Lot's of good know how here. Pretty sure you wouldn't need to remove the glass to put on a rotisserie.
don;t know tour budget, but I think I'd go with the running 383 and save some $.
Welcome to FBBO. I'm with Basket case on staying with the 383, but then again I always try to save $$$. Good luck.
welcome to FBBO
good luck with the 69 Coronet/Bee project
Thks....posted some pics on the gallery, great first time project and getting better every time I play with it!
Thks....posted some pics on the gallery, great first time project and getting better every time I play with it!

Just saw your pictures, your car looks good, definitely stay with the 383.
Looked over your pictures and looks like you could be on to a fun resto. There are many parts that were left underhood that should have been removed before shooting body color and also door latches should have been removed also.
Unless your going for a "custom" look make sure to paint inner upper and lower door paint the correct interior color.
That stuff was never body color also.
Your right, the previous work was a bit hurried, shortcuts everywhere, I plan to pull the front end apart, fenders included, pull the windows out, rear end and put it into a rotisserie for a sandblasting run. Thinking of pulling the window crank hardware out of the doors but not looking forward to that.....can clean up the latches then....thanks for the heads up on the jam paint.....do you know how to get that color code or was there a standard combo for each 69 color? I am considering dark green.
After hearing so many recommendations to stay with the 383 I have decided to tear it down and run with it.....not number matching but is date related, the engine came out of a 69 interceptor, was running but surely on its last legs! Have been told they are more expensive to rebuild and parts may be hard to get but it keeps the car closer to its original state, the vin came back as a 69 Premium 2dr hardtop 383 B so it would be nice to keep it as accurate as possible. Now I have a 440 w/crank HN block I don't know what to do with, clean but needs a 10 to 20 reborn as one cylinder has a bit of pitting at the top....great fun!
Just finished the first real bit of work on my car....cleaning the 440 block and crank (pics) to go to the Block Shop for inspection.....gotta love this forum, went looking for cleaning advise and was told to try dollar store oven cleaner.........whoda guessed? Worked great! Total cost $4.50!
Just came back from the block shop with my 440/crank to find out it is a virgin block and forged crank but one cylinder needs a sleeve and the rest need 10-20 re-bore.....crank is good. I want to sell/trade for the rebuild parts for my 383, can anyone tell me what they are worth? The block and crank that is!