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69 gtx

Getting closer....

Secured brake lines today. Fixed a couple line leaks. Then tried to bleed the back disc brakes. Didn't have much luck so removed the calipers and filled them with fluid and reinstalled. My pedal pusher left so I'll try again tomorrow. Has anyone had trouble with the new brake valve? It might just be air still in the system. I had the fronts bled but the pedal feels really soft.

Worked on bleeding the brakes. Better but not good. I think I have something going on in the brass block under the master cylinder. If I hit the brake pedal like a panic stop it's pretty firm and I can hear a click from the firewall. If I apply the brake slowly it goes almost to the floor. Anyone have any ideas?
So I put 7 gallons of gas in the tank hooked up the battery. Gas gauge doesn't work...... Also started working on front fender inner rear splash shield. Well my US car tool brace interferes. Any had to deal with that?



Got the splash shields notched. The R.E.M. gasket kit doesn't fit for sh*t. Holes don't line up, plastic button fasteners are to small. You'd think something this simple would be correct.....


Factory on right, REM left.
I modified rubber for notch and added a new hole.


Battled with bleeding the brakes some more today. I tried calling Dr. Differential but he isn't taking calls. So spent the whole day emailing back and forth. He said I had air in the line. I'm thinking I have a proportioning valve problem. If I turn key on, brake light comes on. Also brake pedal doesn't go down when bleeders on back brakes is cracked. He said I have correct parts from the pictures I sent. Has anyone reset a proportional valve? I'm thinking that's my problem.
So the brake block saga continues...
Ordered a shuttle valve stop off of Amazon, strike 1, wrong threads. So I turned it down on the lathe and rethreaded it to 7/16-20, strike 2, I still can't see to get the shuttle valve centered to use the stop. I even pulled the bottom plug to try and use a solid bolt to move the shuttle, but couldn't tell when it was centered, strike 3, I'll just pull it out %*$#@!.


I really didn't want to pull it with brake fluid in it. But seemed like the only option left. And yes, after getting it out it was tripped. I pulled it apart to make sure there wasn't any debris in it. I put it back together, centered it, then put the stop in to hopefully hold it in place.

So in order to finish on good note today I put the splash shields on. I got the hardware kit from Mega Parts. It's nice to get stuff that actually fits. I put some rope caulk on the top. Tip, get yourself a leather punch, they come in handy. I used it to locate the holes in the weather strip. I also installed the H pipe clamp.





Lol. No idea how the proportioning valve works but I would of rigged it so it doesn't trip again. I'm not a fan of bleeding brakes
I've been down that road and way too many times!! But probably wouldn't be drinking Red Bull....more like something to calm me down lol
tim i want to see this car complete i have been watching for a while now great job on it, lol!
Well I went another round with the brakes today. So I removed all calipers and have bleeders oriented 12 o'clock. Same problem as before, sometimes a hard pedal when simulating a panic stop, but really soft on a slow brake press. I can hear the chatter again and isolated it to the proportioning valve. Even though I think I had it plumbed right I reversed it. The noise went away but the pedal wasn't any better. My helper had to leave. So I decided to remove the proportioning valve all together. I'll try again in a day or two. I'm about ready to get rid of the distribution block and put a T and other fittings in!
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