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70’s GTX dash emblem ID


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Feb 4, 2019
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Is this a correct 1970 dash emblem? Or is it a 1971.

anybody know the correct measurements for placement of a 70 GTX dash emblem?


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So, I just checked the one in my '70 and the looks and measurement are the same as yours. The one in my car is the original from my car as far as I know. I've owned the car since 1983 and I've never changed it and there's no indication that anyone else changed it or even messed around with the dash before I got the car.

I didn't know that you needed the measurements for placement you'll have to give me a few more days on that, I have to move some things around again to get back in the car. One caveat on the placement, I did have the wood grain on the dash restored by Instrument Specialties. I'm assuming, but confident, that they measured the placement prior to removing it from the dash and that they put it back in the factory location, it looks correct to me.
My 70 dash is unrestored and I believe this to be the original emblem and placement

R413, Scott I noticed a difference between the emblem that you're showing and the one in my car, the outline of the letters on mine is black and the outline on yours is chrome, it looks like the one in Under Pressure's car has a black outline also. So, maybe your emblem is '71, I thought '71 was bigger dimensionally, but maybe it's a faulty memory.

@Under Pressure could you possibly show some placement measurements for Scott. Since your dash is original then we know it's in the correct location.
Be glad to if you don’t mind waiting about a week, the cars in storage, I can stop by next week and get you better pics and good measurement. You are correct Geetex, mine, like yours is outlined in black
GTX dash.jpg
GTX dash2.jpg
GTX dash3.jpg

This is the dash emblem on my 5/70 build GTX. It's most likely the original part. It's a stick on emblem. The outline of the emblem is black under the mostly worn off silver paint. @R413 looks like the correct emblem to me.
I would like to buy that GTX dash emblem for my 70 V code.
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