FOR SALE '70 Charger Taillight trim panel

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    Dec 18, 2014
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    It has been repainted, did not require any straightening but the anodizing was too far gone so I painted the silver instead. I'm asking $400+ shipping from 53597.

    o22-cinHsoUDmzXSce4DMKbQGutNaJ1N259dFNKVypK78I6xXOSf8zDOm1oEtMDnPSzXhm9dF-n-P8ItYN=w1225-h689-no.jpg 5vhxhCAAapGa9IdYjsJdDYTTQYLtU6Qip_Gqg2hyy93fGhG-rNYNkhq_a5Rjvk0LhVAfP1DxYdMdaOIo_7=w1225-h689-no.jpg wirsyvUy_Ab6YavE2ZqVER3V3YVRKT13SDGQCsj1GQlE2BXnI-YJ8py1T0VSshPyxvSaCy6DMJHGKKjJxg=w1225-h689-no.jpg x36GCzDoViDB0J_r0u9rNwNNLA2rneBe8m-RyWo7nvUlrBMBpmRvBE-Ixhm4Nev6viXQhRGj62MOg_N3Xg=w1225-h689-no.jpg
Thread Status:
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