FOR SALE 70 coronet 500 r/t rear panel

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    Selling a 70 coronet 500 rear panel and trunk moulding. Would fit an r/t with the emblem change. These are original and need restored. Have some dents that need worked out but not a tortured mess. Asking 300 plus shipping. I used a repro trunk piece on my car and in hind sight I should have had the orig restored. Parts in eastern ct thanks

    F3084963-D89E-4FDA-A801-C65C936834F1.jpeg E2409E87-5C67-4655-8089-6C757FF02634.jpeg 9E93563C-312B-4B49-81D0-D5BB9AAA6312.jpeg 46F03598-B858-40F9-B342-A7017F01A59A.jpeg E039C141-4E60-4C68-B251-2DAE536EB34D.jpeg 8C49C8C9-9351-4E65-83FC-D7A1C424CE3A.jpeg 27DCDE56-43C3-409F-A82C-71C59C21B253.jpeg B0DFD752-40FA-41E9-B212-C8F6FF9FE211.jpeg
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