'70 Hardtop Quarter Window Roller Assembly


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3:16 PM
Aug 10, 2020
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Dallas, TX
The quarter window roller assemblies on my '70 RR Hardtop are frozen. Started looking at it and is pretty easy to take them apart to clean and lubricate. The main issue is the flat plate that secures the ball stud and the spring clip. It is held on by two rivets. If you grind the rivet heads off and punch out them out, everything comes apart. The rivet hole is .130" and is the perfect size for a 4mm-.70 tap. No need to drill, just tap away. Use a 4mm-.7 x 6mm button head Allen head screw and you are set.

The attached shows the new screw head but I haven't gone and cleaned things up yet. One more thing down.

qtr roller refurb.jpg