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70 Plymouth steering wheel


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Sep 30, 2009
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Western New York
This wheel is the original from my 70 GTX. It has several cracks. Is this restoreable, or should I find a better core? Any recommendations on a good place to get a wheel restored?

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Some pics of my cracked & faded original 65 Belvedere wheel which is in the hands of Charlie Quarters (65satelliteman) this week for restoration & back to correct light blue color (H1B). No cracks in the spokes or rim, just the hub. Will update when it gets back home.

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From my post #210:

Here's the restored wheel back from Charlie Quarters (65satelliteman). I am super pleased with it! Charlie is an artist ....

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You can do it yourself pretty cheap. I did the one for the Road Runner it was in terrible shape.

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What did you use to restore that wheel? I have one that needs it and would like to try it.
What did you use to restore that wheel? I have one that needs it and would like to try it.
I used POR 15 Putty. Others have done it with other products but the POR 15 is easy to sand and easy to mold. The only real issue is over 6 years and being outside in the sun most of the time the putty has a little shrinkage. Unless you are looking for it you cannot tell. I need to pull it back off at some point and re do the filled spots to bring them back up. But like I said barely noticable.
Can buy reproduction steering wheel from pg classic in Canada....a friend used one said it was decent quality
I have a nice original forsale