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70 v code power steering questions


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Jun 4, 2015
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Which steering box and pump would be in a 70 440-6 b-body? Anyone know the best places tou source rebuilt parts, I have plenty of cores...
This is what's in my 70 v code GTX, hope it helps.


Don't know why it's upsidedown
thanks 440+6, I have one like that with a smaller pulley with no holes in it? But I didn't think that was the one, now I am really confused, lol...
They used 2 different ones on 1970's. The one that 440+6 showed is the same as 69's and the most common I have seen on 1970s. The one on mine is more squared on top than oval. My steering is sloppy and I have another steering box and an "oval" style pump I will be sending to Steer and Gear and switch over too. Even though my pump is different it still has the same pulley, with the 3 spokes.
I also don't have the cooler on mine.. Can you buy that repopped or new?
I also don't have the cooler on mine.. Can you buy that repopped or new?

I just started seeing them, but they are like $250. Ouch! Also note that there are two different styles - I think one for each pump (Saginaw vs. Federal), but I am not 100% sure on why the difference...
I'm unclear about what cars have them(cooler) and which don't. Can anyone shed some light on that?
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The oval filler neck designates a GM built Saginaw pump. The cylindrical neck pump is usually a Federal built pump. The oil cooler on the side of the pump was furnished when the axle ratio was 3.54:1 (Dana 60) or 3.55:1 (Mopar 8 3/4") due to higher engine and pump RPMs. My RS23V0A***** car is a A34 super track pack car with 4.10:1 Dana 60 rear end and has the GM Saginaw pump with the "open" drive sheave (AKA pulley).
RJ Renton