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70RR. Wheel well moundings!


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7:11 PM
Nov 30, 2020
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I ordered some wheel well moulding’s (4) from Mrmoparts. They showed up today and no shipping damage to the box. They were plastic wrapped individually w/the mounting hardware included.
As I was looking them over as you will see in the pictures I noticed they all had this weird area that looked like a dent. The fact that they all had it in the same place was odd. I’m thinking if these are imported that the manufacturer did not pay attention to the particular model these fit. Hope I’m wrong. Check out these pics and chime in and help me figure this one out!!
Thanks so much!!





Try one out and see if it fits.
That is probably a tooling grab dent. Check the fit on your car....but I do agree that looks horrible.
They don’t seem to be plug n play but they also aren’t like originals…what is? My thoughts on this little divet that looks like a dent is where the trim mounts near the fender lip where there is a body line near the bottom edges fore and aft.
But like you said I’ll have to do a closer mock up to see if the dent looking spot is to accommodate that deviation in the fender lip. Stay tuned!
We gett’m in da box?
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I still have an issue with this supposed looking dent,but I did a mock up run after taping the fender lip and I see where this deviation is at the lower body line and it kinda works. I will mount it temporarily and stand back and take a long look. I’ll either dig it or ship it back.
Looks like they tried to get the contour of the lower body line, but don't have the correct tooling or method.
'68-'70 RRs didn't come from the factory with those moldings, nor were they optional, though some guys added them later.
Some guys just liked the look of Sport Satellites or GTX with that wheel trim and wanted to add them to their road runner. I've been thinking about it as well.
It's been a while...but I've had a couple of those and I sure don't remember THAT big of a wiggle in them. I think those might have been squashed on the end of the box.... but I could easily be wrong. Fitting one couldn't hurt, right?
I mocked one up on the front fender and was not happy with the fit and that divet for the body line. It just takes away that muscle car look. That’s why the factory did not put these on,so back they go!
Thanks to all for your opinions!
Show us some pictures of what it looked like.

Here’s our family’s 1968 with the wheel moldings. These were added immediately after purchasing the car. (We are the original owner)