FOR SALE 71 charger front valance

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    This is a loaded balance has lights and plate bracket. Has some dents in it but not rotted, some chucklehead cut the park light plugs off guess it was easier than unplugging them but an easy fix asking 150 picked up shipping might be pricey. Can deliver to carlisle if prepaid. Located in willimantic ct

    5C8B12EF-0215-48DA-917F-1AF079444BDA.jpeg 920DB257-1717-48C0-9347-EEFD6DC321B4.jpeg 0A42F09A-7E0B-40E8-9941-7AB07D2F401B.jpeg AED05561-28E7-46AB-8B60-9485AC7D6BA9.jpeg 9608A4F5-9567-4CC4-9263-05C6BEFF1DD4.jpeg F2107F45-5094-447E-9504-889C073A32FC.jpeg
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