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'71 Hemi Road Runner retro 70's build

Love that HEMI
Thanks, I waited a long time to be able to do it! Here's some old pictures from when I bought it (top 2) 12 years ago and the bottom 2 are how it was for quite a few years while we drove the wheels off of it! Excuse the scan.


The plan is to go back Tor-red with painted mirrors and no vinyl top. Black reflective strobe stripes and possibly an air grabber. It will have a name in gold leaf on the trunk lid and gold pinstriping. If I can find another hood that somebody has cut up, I may add this
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would you consider selling the drip rail mouldings? Mine are from a hardtop car,or if you are interested in a trade?
The plan is to go back Tor-red with painted mirrors and no vinyl top. Black reflective strobe stripes and possibly an air grabber. It will have a name in gold leaf on the trunk lid and gold pinstriping. If I can find another hood that somebody has cut up, I may add this
View attachment 141630[/QUOTE
I'm betting those stack covers are smiley :sunny: faced KC daylighter covers.
Great Setup! Back a few years a friend of mine had a 71-440 car with the air grabber hood. We had blast with that one. Good luck on your project.
I'm betting those stack covers are smiley :sunny: faced KC daylighter covers.[/QUOTE]

They are actually Mooneyes light covers, but you were close.

No progress as far as work goes on the Road Runner, but we are ready to put the engine in my 16 tear old sons Duster this coming Saturday.


I have managed to round up a few more parts:

Picked up a complete new Gear Vendors Overdrive for a 727 on the way to the California Hot Rod Reunion for $1500. Sometimes Craigslist can be your friend!


I also picked up this set of NOS Ansen finned valvecovers-these are the early ones that take push in breathers. I am going to strip and polish them, then I can decide if I like them or the chrome ones that are on the engine now.


Found this at the CHRR swap meet. When was the last time you saw one of these? This one is new in the package. Don't know if I will use it but thought it was cool.

IMG_1647.jpg IMG_1649.jpg IMG_1648.jpg IMG_1637.jpg
I haven`t seen a clear cap for a very long time :eusa_think:
That is going to be cool with that monster sitting in it! Aerosmith, Skynyrd and AC/DC, Sounds like a cool place to be watching a car build, loved the 70's, best times i can remember, Very good work your doing!
Thanks Ron 73. Yea, the late 70's/early 80's were some of the best times I can sorta remember also.

We are still working on the Duster but I did get a few more pieces. This is the first AMD part that I have bought. It is really well made.

Also purchased a new set of taillight lenses.

Here's a flashback for us old guys. I recently scored these at a couple local thrift stores.

IMG_1685.jpg IMG_1687.jpg IMG_1686.jpg IMG_1688.jpg IMG_1691.jpg
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Here are few more updates. I'm mainly just continuing to gather parts while we work on the Duster and I finally get around around to wiring my shop.

As i mentioned earlier, my 472 wasn't "exactly" as ordered when I received it. So I have been correcting the issues before putting it in the car. Here are the new billet rocker stands with tube seals:

2014-02-17 18.49.30.jpg

The aluminum valve covers after being polished out:

2014-02-17 18.55.51.jpg

- - - Updated - - -

Here's the hood I just found on that other Mopar website. The guy that I got it from had it custom built off of his original Air Grabber hood. It's hard to tell that it's a fiberglass repop at a glance. I am going to repair the dzus fastener holes and attach it A12 style with brackets and 4 hood pins. It came from Ohio and Fastenal came through on shipping again. It only cost $125 to get it to Oregon.

2014-02-17 18.52.56.jpg
2014-02-17 18.53.19.jpg
2014-02-17 18.53.58.jpg

- - - Updated - - -

Here are few pics of the Duster and our progress, it's coming along nicely. We still have to install the go-wing, stripes and hood pins. It's his first car and is being built mainly from left-overs that I had from other cars.


2014-02-17 18.49.30.jpg 2014-02-17 18.55.51.jpg 2014-02-17 18.52.56.jpg 2014-02-17 18.53.19.jpg 2014-02-17 18.53.58.jpg IMG_1692.jpg IMG_1695.jpg IMG_1711.jpg
Hey, I like that hood. Would you mind sharing where I could find one and how much, or is it a one off custom. Thanks, Chris
The hood is a one-off custom that the guy I got from had built locally in Ohio.
I'm liking the looks of this Roadrunner upgrade... :headbang:

I reckon that clear distributor cap will make a very cool video at night time with the engine doing a few revs :yes:
I bought the extension from Speedway's garage sale about 5 years ago. Check out the date on the instructions:


The Dana 60 is an original Mopar car rearend that I rescued from under a Chevelle. The gold rearend cover is an old NOS Moroso aluminum one that I found at a swap meet.

I've never been a fan of extended shackles. When I put the '70 B-body Dana 60 in, I used E-body offset hangers and shackles with Super Stock springs. Since I needed to move the rear upper shackle mount, I reinforced a set of A-body upper shackle mounts and welded them to the bottom of the rear subframe in the correct position. I shimmed the rearend to correct the pinion angle. It all seems to work together and the N50's on 15x11 slots fit in the fenderwells.
X3 on the louvers, but the front lip spoilers are pretty cool too! Need both + a go wing for my new to me 72 Beeper.
Still working on getting caught up on the odds and ends before digging into the Road Runner. To free up some extra cash for the Road Runner, I decided to sell my '03 hemi pickup and fix up the old hunting rig. We don't really need two pickups.

Here's the pickup I sold:
2014-03-09 12.09.18.jpg

Here's before and after of the '99 I kept:

2014-03-22 10.54.42.jpg
2014-04-17 17.34.35.jpg

I did score a rotisserie to put the car on and a few more parts for the build:

A Griffin radiator and correct shroud:
2014-04-17 16.58.19.jpg

New hemi wiring harness for electronic ignition and Revonator ECU:

2014-04-17 19.07.46.jpg

Many years ago I got beat street racing in my '70 6 brl Road Runner by a '68 hemi Road Runner with one of these. When I saw it on E-bay, I had to have it. I don't know if I will run it, but it looks badass on the bench.

2014-04-17 17.07.06.jpg
2014-04-17 17.07.20.jpg

2014-03-09 12.09.18.jpg 2014-03-22 10.54.42.jpg 2014-04-17 17.34.35.jpg 2014-04-17 16.58.19.jpg 2014-04-17 17.07.06.jpg 2014-04-17 17.07.20.jpg 2014-04-17 19.07.46.jpg
It's been awhile since I posted anything on the Road Runner. It's still on the back burner until my son's Duster and my recently acquired '71 GTX are finished. I have been selling off a bunch of my excess parts that have accumulated over the years to focus on my current projects. (Thanks to everyone that has bought stuff) I sold the crossram when I found another Rat Roaster that should be more suiting to actually driving the car and keeping the '70's street machine vibe. It's a single RR3 that has been modified internally to a single plain for a standard 4 barrel.


A friend of mine hooked me up with Speed Shop that was liquidating their display merchandise and I got a new Holley 950 for a really good price to go on top of the intake.

hemii rr.jpg

The other recent purchase was a fiberglass bumper from a classified on that "other" Mopar website.

glass bumper.jpg

My son got me these for Christmas. Real Ford Cobra skin, that's all that's left when a Road Runner eats a snake!



IMG_2181.jpg IMG_2182.jpg rr3.jpg hemii rr.jpg glass bumper.jpg 001.jpg
Man your place looks like mopar breeding grounds. I am so envious love that roadrunner thats the only mopar still on my list to own