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  1. Kind B

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    Mar 1, 2014
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    9:05 AM
    Hey guys i'm a little confused about putting in my quarter glass, do i just slide the track in from the top and guide the pivot arm into its track that is inside the body and then attach the bottom bolt and the two top bolts, how do I get the Regulator to attach then, do i install from inside the car, I'm totally lost on that part, can someone please tell me what hardware im missing for the pivot arm bolt, sorry guys first time doing this

    IMG_9274-1.JPG IMG_9274.JPG IMG_9275.JPG
  2. dangina

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    Aug 17, 2010
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    8:05 AM
    I just did a full resto and i have some pics but photo bucket is being a dick about it - I have some photos of my regulators and how i installed the glass - i'll try this upload button here to see if it works

    IMG_20120208_201446-1.jpg IMG_20121201_151100.jpg IMG_20121201_173658.jpg IMG_20121201_173825.jpg

    if i remember put in the regulators in first then the window like you see in the one pic
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