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71 RR tires


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Dec 4, 2022
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Oneonta, ALABAMA
I purchased a 71 Runner which had BFG 14s (Rallye wheels). I thought they looked really small and kinda goofy. I want to replace the wheels with Rallye 15s. Will 275/60-15 BFGoods fit on a 15x8 rim for the back?
The front I’m thinking 215/70-15 BFs with 15x7 Rallye wheels
That combo will work just fine. Get 4.5 backspace on the 15x8’s.
245X60X15 came stock on front and back. I would consider 245 or 255X60X15 for the front. The rears will fit no problem.
RR71RR - No issues with running a 275-60-15 on a 8" wide rim. It's what I have on mine.
June 6 (10).jpg
July 25 (2).jpg
Pics of my old 71. 275-60 rear, 245-60 front.

Another +vote for 275/R60/15 on the 8” wide rim with 4.5” backspacing. About 1/2” clearance on read passenger fender inner lip.
I know you asked about a 275 rear. Here’s ours with 15” rally’s.
255/60R15 rear. 245/60R15 front. Not 100% on the front size. Maybe 235’s.

RR71RR - Sorry for the late reply, but I just saw your question. Yes, I have air shocks and have a minimal amount of air pressure applied. They are individually pressured, so you apply the air you need to each side. I bought the car with them and understand that having them individually aired when cornering, keeps the air from shifting from one side to side. I removed them for a while, but the car handling degraded, so I reinstalled them.