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727 First Season Startup


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3:50 PM
Nov 3, 2021
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Boston MA
Just took the GTX for a short spin. She was warmed up but the 727 was extremely hesitant to shift. Started to behave better after 2-3 minutes of driving after the motor was warm. I'm wondering what others experience with the 727 after letting their cars sit for 3-4 months?
Start it in neutral. Check the fluid warmed up in neutral. Good idea to block the wheels. When was the last time the fluid and filter were changed?
The car was assembled last year. I checked the fluid but not as you describe. Will do!
My 67 recently sat in storage for about 8 months and it ran normally upon starting and driving off. Mine always has a slightly delayed 1-2 shift the very first time leaving the driveway when starting up cold. But after that first shift it’s good.
As @toolmanmike said, start in neutral. The pump doesn't work in park. Level must be checked in neutral for that reason also.
The no fluid pumped in park issue quits after you pull out of the driveway. which shift was poor? 1/2, 2/3, or both? If it was both, take a look at the throttle pressure linkage. Make sure the spring is there and it’s not binding anywhere. My other guess is the valve body could have some varnish on a valve or two.
Sounds to me like the governor hung up. No big deal if that’s all it was.
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