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73 Charger Lower Control Arm


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5:14 AM
Apr 14, 2021
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Fletcher NC
I have an issue and thought maybe you guys could help.

My son and I were putting the front end of his charger together. As we tightened the nut for the shaft on the lower control arm the shaft pulled out of the control arm. This was quite frustrating. We ordered another bushing, took out the old one and pressed it all back together. It did not seem to be a very tight fit pressing it the second time.

This time when we installed the nut on the shaft, the shaft spins in the control arm. I think it calls for 145lbs or something like that but we cannot get it to tighten up at all. I'm not sure if we need to replace the control arm, bushing, shaft. What do you think?
You are not the first. There's been a run of undersize bushings.
The pivot shafts have to be tight
I rebuilt my front end 2 weeks ago
PST has new Pivots and bushings that are tight and press together as they should
Plus they offer us a 10% discount
Thanks. It wouldn't be so bad if the bushing weren't such a pain to get out of the control arm. We will replace it and make it right.