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74 Charger Rear Window Trim Install


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Apr 14, 2017
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Kennewick, Washington
It's been years since I removed the outside rear window trim from my Charger. I'm ready to reinstall the aluminum trim pieces. What is the best way to install it, all put together as one molding or as individual pieces? I have to be careful as th is rear window has the electrical heating grid on it for defrost and if I break it, next to impossible to find an original. Suggestions please. The front windshield is different trim and I can put the wide bottom stainless piece and corners on last after the upper stainless trim is installed. Pointers on installing all this trim from experience is greatly appreciated. Years ago, I broke a new windshield in my Challenger that had been installed the previous day by tapping the trim into place incorrectly. Thanks again.
Terry W.
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Check all the clips first to make sure they are in good shape - not to closed or open. Then I usually drop the lower pieces in, assemble to top pieces together as one and drop that in. It helps to make sure the pieces slide easy at the joints and are not too tight or loose to each other so that you have a chance to make any final adjustment after they are clipped in.
Not as forgiving as stainless put in position work from center out the more clips you snap in the harder it is to move use the palm of your hand and before you get to the end of a piece of trim make sure the next one is in the one it connects to.