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742 Shim Kit


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Apr 4, 2022
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Raleigh, NC
Hi all,

A potentially stupid question, but after I pulled my 8 3/4 742 rear apart and cleaned it I magically lost the shims. Now, when I put back together, well, as predicted it's wrong - pinion is too tight and very difficult to turn.

Where can I buy just a set of shims? Preferably a kit with several at varying thicknesses.

Everything I've found has shims as part of a larger kit, but I already have everything else in the kit and would prefer to not drop another $50 into this mistake.

Thanks in advance!
Transmission/drivetrain shop maybe
Just Google “mopar 742 shim kit” and you will come up with many sources.
Ratech Manufacturing sells individual shim kits available thru Summit Racing ,,,, for the 742 case you need Kit # RAT 1108 pinion shims and Rat 1107 pinion bearing preload shims. they make and have shims and bearings/kits for most popular differentials. i use Ratech's site for info and parts all the time.
One thing I learned about aftermarket shims for my 489, they are not very well dressed after punching out and will measure inconsistently in thickness when measured around the circumference. I finally took small files and lightly filed all around the outer edge and center hole edges at an angle to knock burrs off and to lightly chamfer them and then flat sanded them lightly on a piece of 320 sandpaper and was finally able to get uniform caliper measurements on them. I used Ratech amongst others sources.