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79 camaro “DeathTrap”


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5:35 AM
Feb 8, 2021
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Melbourne Florida
Howdy y’all, my names nick and I’d like to tell y’all about my very own 79 camaro project car. It was picked up from a local junkyard for $700, it came motorless and in relatively rough shape. How ever it was love at first sight.
I’ve added some images on what it started with and where I’m at now, I will start taking more now that ive started this thread, any ways thinks for reading, if you have any questions feel free to ask!

54ED3B7B-827F-4059-9103-F8409ADF616D.jpeg A6563C07-6BAD-4D99-AD01-017B0C2558D2.jpeg 4744AAFC-2E47-49E4-A7E8-7E07DEB00097.jpeg 8206000C-200B-4F60-947A-D86907871B5E.jpeg 08C9EFBD-2229-49C5-88BC-A63AD4F693D7.jpeg B6204333-B486-4CB9-AE60-8EED6FCBEFB9.jpeg
Welcome to the site! But you're not lost are ya? :D
We got a warning that you were joining!

Welcome to the site. That looks like a real project you have. Good one to learn on. You have a good teacher too :)
Welcome to the site!! You got balls bringing your Camaro here.... And I love it!!!

Welcome from Alabama, read the @khryslerkid post and pick up a little of that safely stuff before you get burned. We don't want to hear of anyone getting hurt around here.
Again, welcome to FBBO Nick - you've got quite the mentor there in Jeff.
I'd wear him out with questions if I were you. :)
Nothing wrong with learning on a Chebby....I did, on a bunch of $100 old crappy
GM's back in my high school days (yes, dinosaurs and all that....).
Here's you another one of these, too:

The way I see it, we need ALL the car guys we can get to keep the hobby alive and healthy. Great to learn on a Camaro since parts are plentiful and cheap compared to a Mopar!

Have fun but be safe! Use jack stands, safety stuff, blah, blah, blah. You know the deal - just do it!

Welcome aboard. I love my Mopars but have a real soft spot for the 2nd gen Camaro's (mainly Firebird's), love the wide and low look with the long hoods, much better than the first gen in my book. The first one of my friends to get a car in high school got a Formula plus my aunt had a few Firebird's.. all T top cars, loved them every since. Someday I hope to build a Bandit type of build only in white with the larger honeycomb rims, cool cars.

Good luck on the build.:thumbsup:
Howdy from California!
Have fun while working on your project.
Post up your first tire-frying pics:thumbsup:
Welcome from Missouri!! Nice project car you have there Nick, I hope you understand how lucky you two are to have each other. Take advantage of everything Jeff has to offer and your part is to appreciate everything he has to offer. These guys on this sight are some of the best and although they are Mopar guys, they're car guys first. Good luck and keep us posted on that soon to be, Bitchin Ride!!........ Let The Horses Run!!
Which motor are u putting in it, 440, or 426?? JK, welcome to the group.

I had a '70 Z28 once (real) but i never had it completely together and its long gone now (story of my life).
Hello and Welcome from Connecticut Nick, thank you for joining! :welcome:

Any older car is good to learn on and get into, we need more young people like you and I to be into the old car hobby so it doesn't die out. We heard alot of good things about you and your car from your teacher, and although I (and I'm sure other guys here) are into Chrysler product cars I'm sure we like the other brand x cars too. Looking forward to seeing the car done, best of luck with it.
This is like having a "men's club" but a woman screams "discrimination" and is granted membership. Then the club goes for a ****.

Camaro's are ok cars and you're probably an ok guy but **** OFF, this site is for B BODY MOPARS ONLY ... as the name states.
We haven't seen how this plays out yet so hold your britches on. It is a Mopar site and as such it shouldn't have any non Mopar builds however we all occasionally share other non Mopar projects "briefly" in general discussion under threads like..what are you working on. If he shares milestones I don't see a problem but yes it is a Mopar site and shouldn't have full Camaro threads.
You would warm a lot of hearts if you put a 440 or late model hemi in it. You would go faster too.
Fixed up nicely, you will learn a lot and it could bring enough money to get into a B Body and do it again.
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