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8-3/4 Rear Axle Bearings


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May 27, 2011
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Early spring inspection on my Challenger, turned up a few needs for repair. One is the right rear axle seal. Looks like the bearing needs to come off, to replace the outer seal, so I'm considering going to the "green" bearings, and eliminate the adjustment set. Anyone been running these, and Pros or Cons ? We put these in my Son's Duster, years ago, but the car hasn't seen much usage. Looking for some feedback, Thanks...
Dan, I've got the green bearing style in both my Runner and the Charger. I have no issues with them. Nothing wrong with the stock design either as some like that. I just went to the newer style at the time. Either will be fine and have no real issues.
You're removing and pressing back on bearings either way you look at it to change that seal. Do it right, do it once...to last for the rest of your lifetime. Put Timkens back on..
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I like the tapered roller bearings too since I like to corner hard but if you don't do that, the ball bearing setup will work fine.
You can only drive down main street so many times.. beep beep... and then you have to turn!
I like the tapered roller bearings too since I like to corner hard but if you don't do that, the ball bearing setup will work fine.
100% agree. I have run Green bearings for over 30,000 miles without issue.
I will say I did have a Green fail on a rear that I bought from a member a few years back that Auto Crossed his 65 Belvedere.
My fault I knew and should have changed them. It was a wait and see when I put the car together. Well I was wrong.
I had a complete 64 rear that I installed.Main reason for the 2.76 ratio sure grip instead of the 4.10's that was in it. I will go thru that rear and replace the wheel bearings again with the Green set and maybe a 3.23 for back up. Can't have too many extra rears can you. ?
The Chrysler engineered Timken tapered rollers are what the factory used. They have worked in millions of cars for millions of miles. NO ONE can say they don't work properly. Now, the question always comes up about switching to the Green Bearings, and if anyone has had problems. Some have had issues, some have not... Always the same possibility of problems. Why take the chance???
Just my opinion, but I know which way I will always go.
I've got a new green bearing kit I got from Dr. Diff for D60 & 8-3/4 if anyone needs it.

Chuck (snook)
I have never understood why people have such a problem with the axle end play adjustment. I have never had any problem, and never used a dial indicator on an 8-3/4 adjustment. Put in the axles, tighten until all play is gone. Back off a bit, and then re-tighten the adjuster until you can just barely feel a slight movement. Install the lock tab and it's done. It's worked that way for this "barnyard mechanic" for 50 years now. NEVER had any problem.
The only benefit to the green bearings is no end play adjustment and no differential button to mess with. Non issue to me. I prefer the taper bearings.
Thinking it over, went with OEM style, and ordered the Timken set from Cass,@ Dr Diff. My Son has a press, so soon to be repaired. May change out the diff to a 3:55 I've had for a while since it's apart...
A simple preventative service that most members may not be aware of is that the tapered bearings need to be hand
greased occasionally. They are NOT lubricated by the differential fluid.
The best way I've found to grease the rear bearings once you've cleaned them out and blown them dry is to use a pencil point tip on your grease gun and go around the big end of the the taper and pump em full.
Not familiar with the 'green' brgs. Are they a sealed ball or roller brg, seals both sides with grease inside?
Not familiar with the 'green' brgs. Are they a sealed ball or roller brg, seals both sides with grease inside?
The green style of bearings are a lubricated, "sealed for life", single row ball bearing, interference fit on the shaft, backed up with a pressed on retaining collar, retained with a external OD snap ring.
IMO...a single row ball bearing does not have the same radial load capacity ss a tapered roller bearing ss originally installed, size for size. There are many factors that determine a bearing's suitable use: radial load capacity, axial load capacity, RPM, temperature. Many people have installed the green bearing without issue, many have had problems. The Timken tapered roller bearing, as origionality furnished snd installed is my preference.....the green bearing is slightly less expensive than the Timken bearing assembly but ill stay with the original bearing design and adjustable feature......others will disagree for their own preferences....
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If you’re running rear aftermarket disc brakes like Wilwoods the green bearings are needed to eliminate the play so the disk’s won’t move. I have them on my charger and no issues. Even with a sure grip. I also put them in dads 66 polara 4dr HT back in 2004. Have a bunch of miles on them and no issues. If your throwing the car sideways or cornering hard tapered rollers are the best. Like it’s been stated before nothing wrong with the originals and their easy to set.
So, as I am understanding it. The green bearings are fine. As long as you drive your car easy. Don't go around curves too fast. Hmmmm...
I live in the mountains. No thanks.