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A good Mopar engine day.


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8:38 PM
May 28, 2013
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Colorado Springs
When I bought the '70 Coronet 500 the owner didn't want me to just throw on a battery. I did bring a 1-1/4 socket and breaker bar and turned the 383 engine a little. That was 17 months ago and now that the car is in my driveway. I pulled the plugs (Those Montgomery Wards things) and filled the cylinders with Marvel Mystery Oil. After a couple of days, we got after it today. We removed the fan and radiator and turned the engine over about 4x with the socket wrench. Later that we threw on the battery and the engine spun very freely. We'll try new plugs next.

Then we turned to the '69 Charger. It was running poorly last winter when I bought it home from the shop, where it had been for months. I was just glad to have it home and running a little. It was a pretty warm day today so it started easily and after driving it for 20 minutes and a bunch of carb cleaner it ran great. A good Mopar day all around.
Nice. Isn't it amazing that secret formula "mystery oil" can change a "seized engine" into a perfectly, purring running engine ? been there, done that ! Hope that 383 turns out that way !