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Abandoned charger Qatar


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4:24 AM
May 28, 2016
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hey guys, found this down here , how much does it look like its worth ?no engine or trans

what is it with '69 Chargers that so many get the "I" piece of the grill smashed?
What kind of shape is the body and frame? I'm guessing no title, so can it be bought with a bill of sale?
someone will buy it if its solid
a friend here just sent this to me here , its abandoned . will get the VIN and the details , just want to know how much i should offer irrelevant of the VIN and options
Anything missing over there will be $$$ to ship, but you know that. In the states, $1000.- would be a steal, if it's complete and solid - little to no rust. If it's too far gone to save, I'd start at less. Engines are relatively easy to find here. I'm not familiar enough with the Qatar economy to hazard a guess.
more pics would help. But from just the one pic you show, looks like the following are missing...
windshield,hood, (both can be bought new or used, but throw in the cost of shipping) engine,radiator,what trans?
Looks like it has a '68 fender. That grill work looks funky to me. Something funny looking about that radiator support too.
I was always amazed at the stuff i would find in the industrial areas of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. I bet you could trade a Toyota Land Cruiser or Nissan Patrol for that.