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    Jan 10, 2014
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    D77415B3-A060-467C-A941-E5465B65947D.jpeg 4399B296-00FE-4166-B19A-0628B7CBE1B5.jpeg 9B8F6BB9-7E6C-412E-8CB5-844988D33E48.jpeg 88E72D33-3381-4766-AEFE-3DC3FA0F34DD.jpeg BB7C2E05-64E0-4E6F-BC3A-A559E059115C.jpeg 380B422C-92AD-4A9A-A15B-7F2FEE05EEDF.jpeg 8B476632-F6C8-4C00-975A-A3BBDF23E4CD.jpeg 3 yes only 3 Hurricane/turbine wheels. These are kinda new old stock ad they where part of a display in a tire /auto parts store I bought out. One for sure had a tire mounted on it but none have been on a car. 15x7 uni-lug 5 lug pattern. Looks like back spacing is right at 3 1/2 inches. $40 apiece or $100 for the set plus shipping from Youngsville, NC
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