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Air Cleaners

I haven’t seen any repops for the HP engines. Or any really.
I've got a single snorkel for sale, tho the 383 came with a dual, or that little round one depending on the factory
I don't believe they had a dual snorkel on a 66.
My original was crinkle finish, like the posted above.
Not oval, air filter element is round and the air cleaner assembly flows right with it. It does have two flat spots but it doesn’t make it oval.

I purchased a car the last year with the original air cleaner that was never redone and it has a texture to it. The one in the picture was redone and probably has a bit more texture than the original one. But, definitely not a smooth finish.
The 383 dual snorkel had snorkels that were round, the 440 snorkels were oval. As for finish, I have only seen original as smooth. Think texture was a later thing unless...... there was a factory making a textured one. ???? Personally I like the texture. Here is a 440 in a 67 300.
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I only have oval snorkels like in post 6. Here’s the other one. Original finish but I have it greased up to look a bit newer.