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Air Compressor Moisture Control Regulator/Filter Location?

Ron H

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Feb 29, 2016
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Seems that excessive moisture creates hassles using my Craftsman 60/gal oil-free twin cly compressor for sandblasting. Buddy informed me the location of the regulator/filter is mounted too close to the unit. Says it should be a good 10-feet away to reduce moisture accumulation. He's painted cars and done great work so don't doubt his tip here; but wondering if this the main culprit with moisture control or if there's any other advice as well. Rarely do I keep the tank charged and always open the drain valve when not in use to empty it and blow out water. Thanks!
Ideally you want a "drop" somewhere within a few feet of the tank with a drain at the bottom where moisture in the lines can drain back to and be emptied. Then you want a moisture separator close to your work area.

So lets say you come out of the compressor with a line into a T. a section from the T goes up the wall- the higher the better and this will be the line you use for you tools. A short line comes out the bottom of the T with a drain at the bottom. This is where moisture in the line will accumulate.
Lets say you have 30' of line out of the top line. At the end of this line you install a moisture separator and out of it you use another hose to your tool.

I have a bunch of outlets around the shop but only a couple hoses.I have a separator with quick connects and I move it to whichever outlet I'm using. I also have a large separator that's filled with desiccant used as a secondary unit only for painting. And I have a dedicated painting hose.
What kind of separator is it?

Mine is less than a foot from the outlet, but...

I outsmart the moisture in my system by making it climb straight up after that separator, to the roof 15" overhead.
Then it goes 25 feet across the shop, and back down where a T fitting comes off 2.5 feet from the end (and a drain valve is located at the bottom).
The T valve has a secondary regulator and a cheap harbor freight desiccant ball moisture trap- that's where the paint gun hose attaches.

Works 99.99% and was super cheap and easy to maintain.

EDIT- I have never gotten any water out of that drain valve.
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