FOR SALE Air/Fuel Ratio and Tachometer Gauges

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    Jul 30, 2019
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    Selling two working gauges in very good condition. Gauges are sold in the condition as seen in the pictures below.

    Summit Racing
    Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge with mounting base, sensor, and wiring harness 150,-

    Tachometer Gauge with mounting base 80,-

    Both together 200,-

    Shipping costs are not included in the above-mentioned prices

    Location: Dayton Ohio
    Payment: Cash or Paypal

    Wideband.jpg IMG_20191123_135913126.jpg IMG_20191123_135952230.jpg IMG_20191123_140144115.jpg IMG_20191123_140218935.jpg IMG_20191123_140236103.jpg IMG_20191202_184522544.jpg IMG_20191123_135800493.jpg IMG_20191123_135809712.jpg IMG_20191123_135822926.jpg
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