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    Listing this item for a friend. 1970-72 airgrabber aircleaner. This fits 383 and 400 equipped Plymouth equipped with the N96 optional airgrabber hood. The base and lid are original Chrysler parts and are not dented or bent. They appear to be wearing their original paint and decal. Also available is a NOS air filter element with the cool original box. The parts are located in central Maine.
    The price for the aircleaner base and lid is $650.00 shipped, with tracking provided to you anywhere in the lower 48 states. The price with the NOS air filter element included is $750.00 shipped, with tracking provided to anywhere in the lower 48 states.
    Paypal accepted, if paying with the family and friends option there is no fee, if paying with the goods and services option, add 3% to the above listed prices.

    20210504_162033.jpg 20210504_162216.jpg 20210504_162150.jpg 20210504_162300.jpg 20210504_162120.jpg 20210504_162330.jpg 20210504_162350.jpg
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