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Aloha from Maui HI - I just became a Mopar daddy

Welcome from Alabama, I don't know how much work the previous owner did, but it certainly has had its share of attention. A lot has been changed over the years, like you, it is what it is. Now it's time to make it yours.
Welcome from Washington State. The family and I love Maui. We will be there in November.
Welcome! Yes I think YY1 was the pale daffodil yellow.
Someone did alot of work to convert to 4 speed.
Get er drivable!
Welcome to FBBO from Ontario, Canada. Good luck with your Charger project.
That engine in the car is definitely a big block but could be anything from a 350 to a 400. The casting marks on the block should tell the tale.
Hope you're well and all the family Jim, stay safe over there.
Nice color on that car, good luck with the project.
Sorry to report car was stored in Lahania where everything burnt down
Mahalo for asking
This breaks my heart to hear. Hope you are staying safe! Those are some horrifying images coming out of Lahaina and other parts of the island.
Jim-So sorry to hear that. Hoping that you and others (have clients that own property in Lahaina) are covered with adequate insurance. We were just there this Spring and to think of that entire area now gone is just heartbreaking on so many levels.
Welcome tough luck with the fire. Hope you keep with it and find another. Maui was my favorite island.
Wow! Sorry to hear of your loss. I hope you and yours are safe. Everything else is just stuff. Sad coincidence is that I am right now watching a news report on local TV about the destruction at Lahaina. News guy was talking to a resident that became separated from his wife by the fire. I pray that he finds her OK. So sad.
Oh, no... I just saw the news reports on the noon news. Sorry about the loss of that beautiful car, but most importantly hope you and everyone is safe and well !
In the fall of 07, we had to evacuate due to a wildfire. This is when we lived NE of San Diego.
Had an hour to load and go. The building on the property we lived at, mobile home park on 80 acres, was being used for my shop and thats where I had my 70 Challenger stored. It was up on stands for the next round of mods I was going to do. When we got back, 54 units were gone plus my shop. We at least had a house to come back to. It sucks massively to deal with the loss. I was bummed big time but we faired much better than the residents who lost their homes. When you have to evacuate, you can't grab it all.